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Windows Server Extend C Drive – Extend C drive on Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012

What kind of Windows Server OS is installed on your computer, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012 or Windows SBS Server? Have you ever encountered low disk space on C drive on Windows Server? Do you know how to extend C drive on Windows Server operating? Do you feel it difficult to extend Server 2003 C drive?

Windows Server C Drive Resizer Download
It is difficult to extend C drive on Windows Server 2003 without help of third-party partition software, but it will be quite easy to get C drive extended if you can rely on third-party partition software. C drive resizing software is professional partition software for all Windows Server users to resize hard drive partition when it has low disk space issue or the free space is not enough. Therefore, if you want to fix low disk space on Server C drive or extend C drive, you can download this professional partition software for Servers and perform hard drive partition resizing easily.

How Can You Extend C Drive on Windows Server?
Step1. Download, install and run C drive resizing software. Right click a partition that has large free disk space and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step2. Drag the mouse to move the arrow so as to shrink the selected partition, and then you can see some unallocated space. You should move the unallocated space close to C drive.
Step3. Right click C drive and choose "Resize/Move" option.
Step4. Move the arrow to increase the size of C drive and click "Apply" button to apply all changes.

C Drive Full on Windows 2000 Server
You have C drive installed with Windows 2000 Server, but the C drive is nearly full now. What will you do to solve the problem? Windows 2000 Server is not as popular as Windows Server 2003, but there are still many people are looking for a way to extend C drive when it is lacking of disk space on Windows 2000 Server. C drive resizing software supports to extend C drive on Windows 2000 Server without deleting or moving data from the hard disk.

Resize Windows 2003 C Drive
If you are a Windows Server user, you might know Windows Server 2003. Searching on Google, lots of people are asking about the way to resize C drive on Windows 2003 or extend C drive on Server 2003. If you also need help with Windows Server 2003 C drive resizing, you can rely on C drive resizing software. With this partition magic software, you are able to solve the following problem:
Is it able to resize Windows 2003 C drive?
How can I reallocate space to C drive without repartitioning?

Windows 2008 Increase Size of C Drive
Windows Server operating system is much more important than personal computer because it often contains a large number of confidential data, so it also has much influence on Server system when C drive is running out of disk space on Windows Server 2008. C drive resizing software allows you to resize C drive in Windows Server 2008 in order to maximize the performance of Server and keep your computer a run perfectly.

Expand C Partition Windows 2012
Windows Server 2012 is the successor to Windows Server 2008 R2, so it has the features of Windows Server 2008 R2. You can open Disk Management and select "Extend Volumes" option to extend a disk partition when there is unallocated space right closes to the partition you want to select. If you fails to extend C drive on Windows 2012 because "Extend Volumes" option is disabled, C drive resizing softwareis compatible with Windows 2012 to extend C drive easily.

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